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 Treated Poles

  • Tapered Poles
  • Cylindrical Poles
  • Split Poles
  • Droppers
  • Laths/latte
  • Bamboo/Spaansriet


Only treated poles are suitable for Agricultural use::
The 457/H4 specifies only Radiata and Pinasta species may be used. This specification guarantees both the timber pole and the treatment, the hazard class H4 is suitable for ground contact (H5 under extreme wet conditions)

Types of treatments
There are two approved treatments available Creosote and Tanalith Weatherwood / C.C.A.

Tapered poles
This is normal utility pole as used in vineyard trellising fencing, etc

Cylindrical poles
These are cylindrically machined pine poles with the same diameter throughout the pole, normally used in applications such as roof trusses, post & rail fencing, jungle-gyms etc

Tapered Pole Diameters
The poles are measured in the following sizes, this means that the diameter of the pole varies between 50mm-80mm on the thin end. Here are the standard diameters.
(50mm-80mm), (80mm-100mm), (100mm-120mm), (120mm-140mm), (140mm-160mm)
N.B. The idea of 50mm on the thin end and 80mm on the thick end, is wrong

Pole Lengths
These are the standard poles lengths
1,2m 1,5m 1,8m 2,1m 2,4m 2,7m 3,0m 3,6m 4,2m 4,8m 5,4m 6,0m

Cutting of poles
Poles should not be sharpened or cut after treatment, if cut apply Endsealâ„¢ to the area.

On large orders prices will often include delivery, this is normally on a large truck, please advise if you have a problem with large trucks entering and turning on your premises so alternative arrangements can be made. Offloading by our crane truck where possible.

Life Expectancy
A 457/H4 treated pine pole should last at least 20 plus years.
Tanalith Weatherwood treated poles have a written 25-year guarantee.

Please do not burn treated poles as it is treated with chemical products that is not suited for inhalation and might be harmful to the body.